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Job Descriptions

Job Descriptions
Job Descriptions
About Job Descriptions:
A good Human Resources system starts with a well written job description. It is the core reference for employees to understand and know their job. Job Descriptions with Tremendis learning are comprehensive, detailed and encompassing of all physiological, skill and experiential requirements. We start our information gathering using an online pre-assessment. This assists us to get an overview of job content from the employee's perspective. Secondly, Tremendis sets up an interview with the employee and the manager where the detail of each duty and task is discussed. Tremendis also takes particular time in identifying minimum standards, measurables as well as related operating procedures and documentation. Our job descriptions are inline with industry standards and comprehensive in the way that employees can effectively use the job description to competently function at work. The typical standard job description that Tremendis creates consists of the following:
  • Job Title and Standards Code
  • Date updated/created as well as version
  • Job Definition
  • Reporting Line
  • Physiological limitations and requirements
  • Technological equipment and/or machinery used
  • Key Performance Areas/Indicators or Outcomes (KPA/KPI)
  • List of duties under each KPA/KPI
  • Respective Standard Operating Procedures/Relevant quality records against each KPA/PKI
  • Measurables and Quality Standards against each duty/task
  • Percentile weighting against each respective KPA/KPI
  • Essential Knowledge, Skills, Abilities (KSA)
  • Essential Qualifications and Experience needed
  • Essential Competencies
  • Applicable evaluation/rating scale
  • Disclaimer
  • Signatory and related fields
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At a Glance
Name: Job Descriptions Location: Gauteng, National Methodology: To create your job description Tremendis uses a three-step model. Firstly we ask the employee to list as much possible job information on our online job-task identification system. Secondly, when completed our HR consultants analyse the listed information and create a benchmark against similar positions in the industry. Our rationale for doing this is to create a level of consistency in job descriptions. Industry consistent job descriptions are useful for succession and recruitment.

Lastly a HR consultants sets up an interview with both the employee and his/her manager. During this interview the HR consultant asks a series of guided questions to formalise the job description. This is to ensure there are no gaps and missing content.

Our consultants then finalise the draft and submit the completed job for approval to the company Human Resources department or the line manager. Usually some alterations occur which after final sign off is obtained.
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